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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce

The importance of the origin

From grain to aroma


When the tests have been passed, the batches of coffee arrive and are
stocked and then sent to the coffee roasting plant. The coffee is then
brought to temperature from 160° to 250°C for a time that varies from 8 to
12 minutes. The roasting is done in three phases: dehydration which
eliminates the humidity, then the roasting, and finally the cooling process
that is done at room temperature. This is the phase in which coffee
acquires all of its aroma. A more or less strong roasting gives a more or
less strong colour and taste. This is where the experience of the people at
Kimbo becomes fundamental to determine the ideal temperature and duration
from time to time, checking every instant of the process in real time.


The blending is a very important moment. Each batch of coffee is selected and qualified according to its sensory profile. Each blend must combine the various prestigious qualities of various origins in order to obtain the idea result, a perfect balance of taste and constant quality. Our technology can only help to a certain point. The human element is determinant.


The packaging phase is fundamental in order to keep the quality. There are
two procedures. For whole beans, the packaging is done in a protected
atmosphere. Instead the ground coffee is vacuum-packed. It is as if time
were still: so when the package is opened, you can enjoy the aroma and
taste of coffee that has just been roasted.

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