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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce

Can a city fit in a cup of coffee?

For over 50 years we have been looking towards the future

The pleasure of coffee has no boundaries

All the news about Kimbo Coffee


Spread Italian coffee throughout the world and make a quality product
inspired by the Neapolitan tradition and authentically made in Italy,
available on the national and international markets and created with the
most advanced technology, while respecting the people and the environment.
Working hard and with passion to keep and enhance the particularity of
Neapolitan espresso coffee and respect the changes in customers needs and
tastes so as to always offer a product that is up with the times.


To be a reference point for all coffee lovers in Italy and in the world, interpret the culture and the trends. Express the uniqueness and the tradition of Neapolitan espresso coffee. Create a coffee for everyone but not like anyone, dedicated to those who appreciate the rich flavour, the differences and the details. For those who pay the due respect to every single coffee of the day!

Respect for the roots

Being born in Naples is a plus if you want to make coffee your business: there is a great deal of experience and a unique tradition on your side. But there is also a precise responsibility: this wealth cannot be sold out. It should, on the other hand, increase, create results and be respected. It is a personal commitment, shared by all those who collaborate with us. It is much more than a business, it is a vocation.

Personal commitment for quality

Even before Kimbo existed, the Rubino Brothers have always strived for excellence, certain that quality always pays. Kimbo’s commitment to quality starts from the coffee plantations, it is the quality of the raw material, then in the factories and in the technology used, in the expert blend, in the roasting tradition and in the ideal packaging to hold all the characteristics that make Kimbo a unique kind of coffee. And above all, it is in the quality of the people who work to guarantee all of this.


Being able to understand and even anticipate the changes in tastes and new
chances of consumption. This is what has transformed traditional quality
into a successful modern experience.
The people who work in Research & Development have a fundamental role in
the growth of Kimbo. Able to express the traditional quality of Kimbo into
a complete range, organized to satisfy all kinds of customers: those who
drink coffee at home, in the office, in a coffee shop and all kinds of
preparations: mocha pot, espresso and filter.

Tradition changes

Having been able to automate procedures that were once carried out by
craftsmen (or artists) such as roasting and blending, has been a
milestone victory. Here too the human aspect is fundamental. For checking
the roasting as well as for creating the blends by always combining
prestigious and very different qualities together in an ideal manner, so as
to keep the quality of Kimbo constant. The work is carried out by state of
the art machinery and technology. But it is still experience and talent
that makes it all work out.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The pleasure of coffee has its obligations: towards the consumers, towards the environment and towards ourselves and our integrity. This is why Kimbo has always been committed to reduce the impact the productive process has on the environment. The Melito factory produces while strictly respecting the environmental policies (from waste disposal to saving on energy sources). In fact in 2007 it deserved the UNI EN ISO 1400:2004 Certification. The constant quality control of the entire production chain is also certified by the UNI EN ISO 900:2008 certification. The attention given by Cafè do Brasil Spa towards the environment and sustainable development is expressed through the creation of the Kimbo Espresso Integrity product: every coffee bean in this new blend comes exclusively from plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This proves the constant commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture, the protection of the eco-system and the acknowledgement towards the work carried out by all of the personnel involved in the productive chain.