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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce

The importance of the origin

From grain to aroma

Raw materials

In order to make a good coffee you must go very far because the quality depends above all on the quality of the raw materials. This is the reason why Kimbo S.p.A. has dedicated a lot of attention to the selection of green coffee from those countries that actually produce it. All the cultivation phases of the coffee are watched carefully and subject to multiple checks. This is how the plant can grow healthy and produce an excellent quality of red berries. Those same berries which hide their most precious treasure: the green beans. These are dried by the sun, decorticated and finally shipped to Italy.


There are two qualities of coffee: Arabic with a more intense and sweet aroma and Robusta with a spicier and bitter aroma, with a higher caffeine content. The experts at Cafè do Brasil select the best raw coffees of these two principal varieties on site and immediately provide to send samples to the factory in Naples, where a team of experts carry out product and chemical tests. Then the tasters come to give their approval of the raw material by using the most sophisticated machine that exists: their noses and their taste buds.