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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce


The Cuccuma, the old Neapolitan coffee pot, the copper jug with which the coffee was made not only in Naples but all over Italy in the nineteenth century. Symbol of a culture and of the event that took place in Naples from 24 to 30 November: the first Cuccuma week, a week to again taste the pleasure of filtered coffee and celebrate the old Neapolitan coffee pot. At Caffetteria in Piazza dei Martiri – Kimbo Coffee Embassy, we had the chance to admire an exhibit of old advertising prints and to attend the literary, theatrical, film presentations and notable gastronomic events during the entire week.
Amongst the engagements in the calendar, there are a number of Coffee Hours, Cuccuma Shows and visits by distinguished guests. Among others, Akinari "Pasquale" Makishima, the Japanese pizza maker who won a world championship; he collected 150 Cuccumas at the Coffee Embassy showing the mark of Kimbo for his pizza restaurant in Osaka.

On Sunday November 30, the key event took place, when all holders of a typical cuccuma had the chance to exhibit their cuccuma on the tables of the Embassy. They had the opportunity to submit their exhibits to a jury chaired by the architect Riccardo Dalisi who, with respect to the cuccuma, developed design projects awarded with the Golden Compass. The event was established with the aim of sharing history and passion for the Neapolitan coffee, from music to cinematography, from architecture to advertising prints. A world in which coffee is not only a product, but a pleasure shared and a central figure in a culture of aromas and flavours appreciated all over the world.

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