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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce


Kimbo takes part in Sigep 2017 Edition, from 21st to 25th of January.

Kimbo represents an important player ​in the italian coffee ​scenario, ​especially concerning the Neapolitan espresso.
The special Kimbo booth 015 in pavillion A.2 offers different services and ​a huge variety of products for ​the bar.

​In this occasion, Kimbo will also feature ​some special events as coffee tasting, entertainment and educational moments.
In order to accommodate consumers’ needs and ​meet ​different tastes and trands, Kimbo presents 15 exclusive blends, for example: Kimbo Elite is the top quality product and it is available in three different types, 100% Arabic Top Selection, Limited Edition and Gran Gourmet, Linea Espresso Bar ​which is th​ ought for coffee experts only ​and​ Kimbo Bio Organic:​ the main expression of excellence and sustainability. In addition there are many tasty products to satisfy all consumer’s needs.

​Kimbo participation to Sigep 2017 will be characterized by three main ​events​: coffee ​ preparation with​ “cuccuma ​unstructured ” cold and hot,​ special cocktails preparation and “Milk Art” Event based on a special lesson ​concerning​ coffee and cappucino’s decoration lead by a ​Kimbo Coffee Specialist.