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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce


Kimbo, symbol of the Neapolitan espresso for over 50 years, will be the official coffee of the Naples Tennis Club, a historic meeting place for generations of players and fans from 1905 to today.

The Naples Tennis Club, which has hosted national and international competitions, artists and champions from all over the world chooses to offer its guests a unique and equally historic coffee: His Majesty the Kimbo Espresso, the excellence of coffee.

The atmosphere of the charming rooms and of the historic tennis courts will acquire intensity and warmth from the energy of Kimbo coffee .
Kimbo will indeed delight all the palates of the tennis fans with its coffee celebrating traditional Kimbo Coffee Hour, a coffee time appreciated as a daily and shared pleasure.

This important partnership reflects one of the values in which the company has always believed in: coffee as a moment of pleasure and sociability to enjoy and share with others in this case dedicated to a single strong passion, tennis.

Kimbo coffee from now on will be part of the future story of the Neapolitan Club; the partnership, provides for, in addition to high visibility of the brand in all areas of the club and at the edge of the court, the exclusive supply in the bar and at the restaurant, the presence of the product at all the sporting events and at all the official events such as meetings, awards and galas.

The first event will be the International Trophy Capri Watch, scheduled from 4 to 12 next April.

This agreement strengthens the link between Kimbo and sport. In particular Kimbo has always been close to the world of tennis, having in the past supplied its products in connection with the Davis Cup, the International Tennis Tournament, etc.

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