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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce


More and more energy in Napoli: from this football season, and throughout the 2016/2017 season, the Kimbo company, symbol of Neapolitan espresso par excellence, will be the new institutional sponsor for “Azzurri” of Calcio Napoli.
Napoli’s supporters will recognize the Kimbo brand everywhere: in videos on television stations (local and national ones), from the images in the gallery for distinguished visitors and for authorities.
The Kimbo brand will be in the background during post-match interviews on the back drops; it will be on the sideline backlit with LED and even in the access corridors to the playing field, on the side of the cameras.
The partnership between the Calcio Napoli and Kimbo brands is only the first of a series of collaborations that will see the company of Neapolitan coffee alongside the most important football clubs in Serie A and Serie B, aiming at identifying itself as a symbol of the passion that every supporter has for his team.
A passion that draws all Italians together, wherever they are; as well as coffee Kimbo identifies the Italian art of the Neapolitan espresso and “the pleasure that unites” also abroad.