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Kimbo - il piacere che ci unisce

Excellence has its flavor

For coffee professionals

Espresso coffee is good for the environment

Elegance is in the details

Intense flavor

An espresso originating in the old Neapolitan tradition. A select blend of coffees with different characteristics to create a product with an intense aroma and decisive flavour, KIMBO PREMIUM is intended for true connoisseurs of espresso coffee. Available in:
Bag 2.2 lbs beans


The result of a careful selection of raw materials, KIMBO EXTRA CREAM strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. A persistent crema and well-balanced body round off this blend, making it appealing to all palates. Available in:
Bag 2.2 lbs beans

Intense aroma

A blend made up predominantly of finest Arabica coffees from Brazil and Central America expertly selected and roasted following the example of the old Neapolitan master roasters.
Studied for the most demanding gourmets seeking excellence in the flavour, KIMBO EXTREME is a product that enables you to offer an espresso with a rich aroma and full body.
Available in:
Bag 2.2 lbs beans

Soft flavor

A blend of fine Arabica coffees expertly combined for their different qualities. The result of careful processing and a precise degree of roasting, KIMBO PRESTIGE is a premium blend with a delicate flavour, the expression of love in coffee.
Available in:
Bag 2.2 lbs beans